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History of Master Wan Kei Ho

History of Master Wan Kei Ho
Master William, WAN Kei Ho, born in 1960's, is chairing as the academic officer of the Northern Shao Lin Ku Yu Chang Memorial Association, the Honorary Chairman of Choy Lee Fat (Pak Shing) Association, the Deputy Chairman and Teaching Officer of Kam Tung Tong William Lau International Martial Arts Association, the Honorary Chairman of Canada Choy Lee Fat Chiu Kwok Chung Academy. He also holds various qualifications including that of a referee, coach of the Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organization (Rank 7), coach of martial art & lion dance in the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association, coach & referee of dragon dance & lion dance in the Hong Kong Wushu Union. Having been teaching for more than 2 decades, Master Wan has also the honor of being named as the captain and chief coach of martial art in the Hong Kong Adventure Corps.

Being fond of all sorts of sports, Master Wan has been repeatedly awarded in the field of martial art. Since his youth, he has been having an ardent interest in Chinese traditional culture and sports, and thus he naturally began his pursuit of Chinese martial art for 30 years. He had further his study under the mentorship of Master Chiu Kwok Chung and Master Lau Wai Yip. Persistent research had furnished Master Wan techniques tackling of martial arts and manhood. Endless practice helps Master Wan amalgamate Northern Shaolin (Ku Yu Chang), Choy Lee Fat (Pak Shing), and the Sun's Taichi. Moreover, Master Wan is also adept in Internal Chi-gung of North Shaolin – Golden Bell Minor, Golden Bell Major, Buddha fist. Master Wan has reached the capability of breaking bricks with head, withholding sword with throat, breaking bricks with backside or temples.

Over the years, Master Wan has been endeavoring to promote the culture of Chinese martial arts by participation in many demonstrative and competitive events, including famous gatherings of martial arts, activities charity, and demonstrations and, a 200-member group march in Hong Kong Stadium during the celebration of 10th Anniversary of HKSAR Establishment, which was broadcast alive. Among the above, the most cited event being the participation of the SENI2003 in Birmingham in UK - the largest martial art event in Europe. Master Wan won the silver award in the 1st Traditional Wushu Festival in Zhengzhou, Henan, 2004. He had also won the gold award of traditional wushu in the competition held by Hong Kong Wushu Union. Students of Master Wan won the praise of seniors of the field along with many awards and participation in demonstration. They gained heated attention from media local and worldwide as they can be sighted in interviews and reports of RTHK, a special interview of Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Cable TV, BBC of UK, German TV, MBC TV of Korea, Indonesia TV, Guangdong TV, Foshan TV, Jiangmen TV, the UK martial art magazine "Combat" monthly, a US martial art magazine "KUNG FU", press of Hong Kong like South China Morning Post, Sun Daily, Citylife, Cars' Owner Magazine, Silkroad of Dragonair, "fit" the fitness magazine, etc.

Master Wan's 20-year effort of promoting Chinese martial art culture is seen alongside serving the community. Besides professional coaching, he has also been teaching in teaching classes in community centers. He has been reaching out as far as overseas and teaching in UK, Australia and Canadian Youth Cadet. Wan Kei-ho's Martial Art Association is thus established to promote martial art culture, with many rising star students of which winning numerous awards.

Master Wan is now endeavoring to relay and instill traditional virtues of Chinese martial art to the younger generations. Master Wan is breaking national boundaries, embracing the idea "the world as a whole"; bring forward the Chinese martial arts culture to students worldwide as far as Asia, Americas, Europe, and South Africa. One can see that Master Wan keep pushing the limit of efforts of serving the community in order to promote Chinese culture.

Contributed by Wan Kei Ho 

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