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New strategies of airline alliance & the changing role of travel agents

New strategies of airline alliance & the changing role of travel agents
are pleased to present a seminar by
Mr Peter Yun Yuen Hung
Managing Director, Tiglion Travel
New strategies of airline alliance & the changing role of travel agents
Time: 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 13, 2001
Venue: Room 222, Hui Oi Chow Science Building, HKU

Mr Peter Yun-Yuen Hung combined his business experience in three major areas. With MIS/IT background dated back from the early 1980's, he stepped up as an ASP Application Service Provider and has implemented a highly cost-efficient infrastructure of an Internet Service Provider since 1995. Peter heads up Tiglion Travel Services Company Limited since 1988 and has pioneered the implementation of an electronic travel insurance business system on a B2C Internet marketing model. He is the prime architect of the e-commerce infrastructure now running the successful and renowned vertical service business model labeled under and By transforming a traditional travel agent operation into an e-business of "one-stop-shop" travel service provider, Peter has made Tiglion Travel to be the first travel agent company in Hong Kong in winning the Hong Kong Trade Development Council Services Awards - Export Marketing in 1999. Mr Peter Hung has also participated as a speaker/panellist in numerous Internet Commerce Conferences and Seminars in Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong since 1997. His expertise and experience in the business application of information technology for the service industries of travel and tourism and for general insurance business have been well recognized in press media, local universities and the relevant trades.

Contributed by Hung Yun Yuen 

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