27 October 2015

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China's Belt and Road • travel.com.hk

Treasures and Cultural

Heritage Exchange Initiative

  31 October (Saturday) - 1 November (Sunday)
  Zhong Zhi College, Happy Valley  

China's Belt & Road • travel.com.hk: Treasures & Cultural Heritage Exchange Initiative

China's Belt & Road • Heritage Exchange Initiative of travel.com.hk

The ancient Silk Road opens up trade and cultural exchange between the East and West. China's Belt and Road today brings about a golden opportunity for cross-border exchange between heritage owners. travel.com.hk operated by Tiglion Travel Services Company Limited, offers professional travel services to business and leisure travellers since 1982. Now we have a transformative travel experience to offer: the Project Manager of travel.com.hk is the heritage owner of Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage, Mizong Quan, who endeavours to promote intercultural dialogue between the country of coin owners and our own traditional heritage. We would wish to explore exchange for some ancient coins with Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage. See what we have got in our Coin Library.

travel.com.hk Heritage Exchange Initiative

Show us your coin in this upcoming Public Welfare Exhibition:

Time • 31 October 10:00am-7:00pm , 1 November 10:00am-6:00pm
At • Zhong Zhi College, 14 King Kwong Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
Exhibition • Qing Dynasty and Republic of China Coin Collection
Featured guide • Appreciation and Grading of China coins (mainly Chinese language sessions)

Put CULTURE IN ACTION and let us share together where it will lead us to.


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